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By EyeMagnet, Oct 11 2019 09:33PM

A new line of products has arrived at Golf Etc. Stitch Golf produces high quality leather and knit headcovers for all club head designs including driver, fariway, hybrid and putter. These covers range in price from $79.99 up to $97.99.

Our Price: $40.00 each or 3 for $100

The leather covers have incredible detail and is truly a work of art. From the hand cut, hand sewn applique, to the hand painted edges, these headcovers were created to last and show off its elegant details for years to come.

- 100% leather

- hand crafted

- water & stain resistant

- engineered fit to ensure the headcover stays on your clubs

- hand painted edge coating

- fits all modern clubs

The knit covers are created with handmade poms that are always on trend and complete this classic look. All of the knits are designed with Techno Wool. Technically not wool, but instead 100% acrylic to keep your clubs dry and ensure your headcovers stay on your club unlike any other wool cover.

- 3 gauge knit to give an authentic feel and look

- made of techno wool™ to guarantee water resistance

- smart fit design to help headcovers retain their shape

- engineered fit to ensure headcover to stays on your club

- finished by hand

- machine washable; tumble dry low

- fits all modern clubs

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